Are your studios really in Quincy, IL?

Yes they are! The studios are located in a secret underground bunker. We hope to move them to a public location. If you have space to offer, contact us via social media or using the feedback form at the bottom of this page.

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Can my local business advertise on theQ?

Certainly. In addition we provide both copy-writing and production services along with options for digital advertising. We would love to show you what we can offer. Call us at (217) 919-0590 or use the feedback form at the bottom of this page.

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Does theQ love me?


Is theQ legally licensed to play all this awesome music?

Of course we are! theQ pays royalties and performance fees to ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, and SoundExchange. These fees are reported and paid through StreamLicensing™ LLC. You can verify our license here.

Is theQ really owned by a group of friends?

Yes! theQ was started by a group of radio professionals (and friends) who are excited about doing radio differently! In a region dominated by broadcast corporations and nationally programmed stations, theQ is locally owned, operated, and programmed by people who know and love music and know and love Quincy.

When did theQ go live?

June 16th, 2014 at 7:00pm

Who is Bob?

Bob is the engineer who produces Jimmy Jett’s Midday Show. Although nobody has seen Bob but Jimmy, so take that for what it’s worth.

How To & Help

How can I listen in my car?

1. In-dash: Many fancy shmancy new cars have apps built into the dashboard. If yours is one of them, just open the TuneIn app and search for “theQ”.

2. Bluetooth: If your car supports Bluetooth audio, you can use a supported mobile app on your mobile phone and listen through your car speakers. Consult you car’s user manual for details on pairing your phone to your car.

3. USB Port: Some cars come equipped with a USB port and allow you to stream audio from your mobile phone’s USB cable to your car stereo using a supported mobile app.

4. AUX Port: If your car stereo has an AUX port, you can use a male to male 3.5mm plug cable to connect your mobile phone to your car stereo and use a supported mobile app to stream theQ.

5. FM Transmitter: If your car has a working FM Radio receiver, you can use an FM transmitter radio adapter to broadcast theQ from a supported mobile app to your car’s FM stereo. Note: This will reduce theQ to FM broadcast quality, all other options will give you better sound quality than FM broadcast.

6. Cassette adapter: Finally, if your car has a cassette player, you can use a cassette adapter to play theQ from a supported mobile phone app through your car’s cassette player. Even though these seems like the most old school method, it still gives you better sound quality than an FM transmitter.

I can’t play the stream.

First, there could be an internet problem. The path from our server to your player goes through many magic internet boxes and it only takes one to get overloaded or hiccup, resulting in re-buffering and dropped connections. You can check our server’s status here.

Second, it is possible that we may have forced the disconnect, which we only do for two reasons:

1. We currently have a 12 hour limit, this is to stop players being left-on when people leave their device. If this is the case, you should be able to simply reconnect.

2. We may have banned you because our server believes your are using a streamripper. These are illegal and we’re obligated through our music license to discourage their use. If you are using a streamripper, please stop! Stream ripping costs us money and you end up with songs that overlap or have talking at the beginning and end. If you believe you have been banned and your not using a streamripper, or you were using a streamripper, but you’d like to apologize and gain access to the stream again, contact us via social media or using the feedback form at the bottom of this page.

If you haven’t listened for 12 hours and you’re not using a streamripper, then it could be internet congestion that caused the link to fail.

Finally, from time to time we perform maintenance and take theQ off-line. This usually happens late at night (US Central time). We’re almost never off for more than an hour and generally it’s only for a couple of minutes or less. If we are down for maintenance we will always Tweet about it, so check our Twitter feed. You can also check our server’s status here.

If you’re still having problems please contact us via social media or using the feedback form at the bottom of this page.

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What mobile apps support theQ and on what platforms?

1. theQ’s official app is available via these links on the following platforms:

apple48 android48 bberry48

2. TuneIn app also lists theQ on the following platforms:

apple48 android48 windows 48 bberry48

3. Simple Radio by Streema also lists theQ on the following platforms:

apple48 android48

4. Many other radio apps may list theQ as well. Check with your favorite.

Will listening to theQ on my phone use all my bandwidth?

Probably not.

Free Wi-Fi is offered in more and more places all the time. When available we recommend you use Wi-Fi. But that’s not to say using your data plan will cost you any more…

Mobile carriers realize people need more data and they are continually increasing bandwidth caps. In some cases these are even unlimited. You should check with your carrier to make sure you are getting the best data plan for the money. Also follow theQ’s Twitter feed and we will try to keep you updated as we hear about plans changing and special offers.

We offer two different streams on most mobile apps, a 128 kbps MP3 stream and a 64 kbps AAC stream. If mobile bandwidth is an issue for you we recommend the 64 kbps AAC stream. Both streams are at the highest quality we can provide.

If you listen to theQ at 64 kbps for 60 minutes then you will have used 28.12 MB of data in that 1 hour. If you stream an hours worth for 30 days than you will have used .85 GB of data. If you prefer the 128 kbps stream, simply double these numbers.

NOTE to T-Mobile customers: T-Mobile offers free music streaming on select apps only. You can ask them to add theQ app, by Tweeting them with the #MusicFreedom hashtag here. Make sure you include a link to theQ app from the app store of your choice.





Can I request songs on theQ?

Yes you can! However due to internet streaming licensing agreements (which are different than those for FM radio stations) we may not always be able to play your request right away. However, we play many requests every day. Make your request via social media, with the feedback form at the bottom of this page, or call our studio and request line at (217) 919-0590.

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Does theQ play clean edits of songs?

Yes, theQ plays “radio edits” of all songs when available. We do this for two reasons. First, we want to stay as “family friendly” as a top 40 radio station can be these days. And second, have you ever heard a song on the radio and purchased the album only to find it didn’t sound like the version you are used to? Even today people are often times more familiar with the version of the song they hear on radio and TV than the album version. For this reason we play the official radio edit when available.

I’m a local musician, will theQ play my music?

Possibly. Reach out to us on social media or by using the feedback form at the bottom of this page.

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What type of music does theQ play?

theQ is Contemporary Hit Radio (also known as CHR, hit list, current hits, hit music, top 40, or pop radio). We focus on playing current and recurrent popular music as determined by the top 40 music charts, your requests, and local research. Along with top 40, theQ mixes in local artists that fit the format. theQ may also run specialty shows from time to time which may feature other types of music.

Who’s that girl I hear saying “theQ” between songs?

That is Ashlyn Nicole Selich. She is an actress, voice actress and children’s author. You may recognize her voice as that of Midge from “Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse.” You can see more of her work here.



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